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How to find the rare White Arabian in Red Dead 2

How to find the rare White Arabian in Red Dead 2
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Like most things in Red Dead Redemption 2, horses are hugely varied and customizable. With four classes of horse to choose from and even more individual breeds, there is a horse for every preference and situation. Of all the horses, the White Arabian is perhaps the rarest, and easily has some of the best all-around stats of any horse in the game. In this guide, we’ll show you how to find and tame this legendary beast.

How to find the rare White Arabian in Red Dead 2

red dead redemption 2 white arabian
The rare White Arabian in the wild.

Despite being one of the rarest and best horses in the game, the White Arabian can be obtained from the first moment that you’re able to free roam. As soon as you’re able, saddle up and grab some winter gear. The Arabian roams the frozen shores of Lake Isabella, located on the northwest corner of the map in Ambarino. Take a look at the exact location on the map below:

red dead redemption 2 map lake isabella
Lake Isabella.

Once you arrive at the lake, you’ll have to begin your hunt for the horse. Because of its pure white mane, it can be hard to spot against the snow. You can use Eagle Eye to your advantage here, as it will make it much easier to pick out the horse amongst the sea of white. It usually roams alone close to the northern edges of the lake, but it may take you a few laps around to spot the horse.

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red dead redemption 2 white arabian
The White Arabian.

Once you’ve spotted your quarry, hop off your horse and approach slowly and carefully. Though you can technically use the lasso to grab it, we recommend against this method, as it will easily agitate the horse and you may soon find yourself being dragged along on an unexpected ride. You don’t want to spook it, or it’ll bolt and it can be extremely difficult to find again.

As you approach, hold down the rear trigger button to focus on the horse, and follow the prompts to calm it as you get closer. If it does run off, you can follow the horse’s footprints in the snow and use Eagle Eye to find it again.

red dead redemption 2 breaking white arabian horse
Breaking the horse.

Once you get close enough, you can mount the horse and begin the process of breaking it. The horse will start bucking wildly in an attempt to throw you off. You’ll have to use the analog sticks to maintain your balance. The White Arabian is particularly wild, so be prepared to be thrown several times before you finally manage to break it. Once you’ve managed to ride the horse for several seconds, the White Arabian will be finally broken.

red dead redemption 2 saint denis white arabian
Arthur rides the White Arabian.

At this point, simply transfer your saddle from your existing horse onto the White Arabian, and this rare beast is all yours. It’s just that simple. As we’ve mentioned before, the White Arabian can be caught as early in the game as Chapter 2, so catching this animal early means you’ll be well equipped for the rest of the game.

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Alex LaFreniere

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