Rhythm Racer 2 adds Prodigy song pack

Ravers and adrenaline junkies take note: you can now drive a high speed spaceship to the tunes of The Prodigy thanks to Rhythm Racer 2‘s new song pack.

Rhythm Racer 2 is a kind-of hybrid of Tap Tap Revenge and WipeOut 64, for both the iPhone and the iPad. The aim of the game is to hit the colored beats that appear in time with the music. Steering is done simply by tilting the device left and right. The new Prodigy song pack is downloadable within the game for 99 cents and includes the seminal classic ‘Poison’, from Music for the Jilted Generation, and ‘Omen’, from the dance act’s last album, Invaders Must Die.

As I pointed out in my review, Rhythm Racer 2 is a stunning looking game that’s great fun to play, but it is lacking the killer soundtrack needed to catapult it to gaming greatness. With new song packs from the likes of All American Rejects and Kaiser Chiefs in the pipeline, this game is seriously starting to rock. You can grab Rhythm Racer 2 from the App Store for free.

Rhythm Racer 2 adds Prodigy song pack

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