Samsung Flow cross device hand-off takes on Apple’s Continuity

Samsung Flow cross device hand-off takes on Apple’s Continuity
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Samsung revealed big plans to integrate all of its products and services today at its developer conference here in San Francisco. Samsung Flow will allow users to seamlessly use every Samsung product, sort of like Apple’s Continuity feature in OS X Yosemite and iOS 8.

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You’ll need to have all Samsung products to get Flow to work but if you live in Samsung’s universe, Flow will make your life easier. Every Samsung device will be connected and will alert to you notifications and allow you to keep working on any device.

Flow will work with Samsung’s line of phones, tablets, smartwatches and even TVs. If you receive a call on your phone, you’ll receive an alert on your TV, Gear smartwatch and Galaxy tablet. This ensures you don’t miss an alert, even if you’re away from a device. Alerts for low battery also work across devices so you’ll know which phone or smartwatch needs charging.

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Flow also allows you to snooze whatever you’re doing and come back to it. The feature is called “Defer” and it lets you pick up working on a project later and on any Samsung device.

Samsung is integrating Flow into all of its products and works with Android’s stock share menu. You can send a spreadsheet from your phone to your tablet to continue working. Samsung didn’t show how Flow would work on a PC or Mac but the company will probably release an app or browser extension to include this feature.

Flow is a compelling feature for Samsung fans but won’t impress all Android users since it only works with the company’s products. Samsung is also opening up Flow to third-party developers to allow apps to take advantage of it.

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