Samsung reveals SmartTag2, its new-generation device in the field

Samsung reveals SmartTag2, its new-generation device in the field
Onur Demirkol

Onur Demirkol

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Samsung has recently unveiled its brand-new addition to the “tag” family, SmartTag2. The new device comes with many new features and enhancements, at a fair price, which makes it even more appealing for consumers from all around the world.

Samsung entered the tracker tag market in 2021 with the Galaxy SmartTag and quickly followed up with the SmartTag Plus. Now, they’ve unveiled the Galaxy SmartTag 2, which brings notable improvements to the table.

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Samsung SmartTag2 comes with a battery life boost

The remarkable battery life of the Galaxy SmartTag 2 is its standout feature. In standard mode, Samsung claims it may last up to 500 days, a 50% boost over its predecessors. You can extend it even further by switching to power-saving mode, which can last up to 700 days. This means less fuss with constant charging and more peace of mind knowing your belongings are being tracked for an extended period of time.

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Enhanced durability

Samsung has also improved the SmartTag 2’s durability. It now has an IP67 designation, which means it is dust and water-resistant. This is a huge improvement over the SmartTag Plus, which had an IP52 certification and was mostly splash-proof. With the SmartTag 2, you may use it confidently in a variety of situations without worrying about its safety, whether you’re hiking, camping, or just going about your usual business.

Smarter Tracking

In addition to enhanced battery life and durability, the Galaxy SmartTag 2 has certain new features that boost tracking capabilities. One important innovation is “lost mode.” You can add your contact information to the tag using this function by sending a message. If someone comes across an item with the SmartTag 2 attached, they can scan it to get your contact information. The best thing is that this feature works flawlessly on non-Samsung phones with NFC, making it available to a wider spectrum of consumers.

Furthermore, the SmartTag 2 offers an improved Compass View feature that allows you to pinpoint the exact location of your tracked item. In addition, the SmartThings Find app has been enhanced to provide a more user-friendly monitoring experience. Furthermore, if you decide to transfer phones, the SmartTag 2 will automatically synchronize with your new phone, assuring a smooth transition and uninterrupted monitoring convenience.

A Minor limitation

While the Galaxy SmartTag 2 boasts a range of impressive features, it’s essential to note one limitation. It doesn’t seem to support Android’s Find My network. So, if you own a non-Samsung phone with UWB (Ultra-Wideband) technology, you might not be able to fully utilize its tracking capabilities. However, considering its other strengths and enhancements, the SmartTag 2 remains an attractive choice for anyone seeking a reliable and long-lasting tracking solution.

“Galaxy SmartTag2 retains many of the popular features from Galaxy SmartTag and Galaxy SmartTag+. It takes advantage of both Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and UWB capabilities, leveraging Augmented Reality (AR) Find technology to visually guide users toward their item using their Samsung Galaxy smartphone camera. In addition, Galaxy SmartTag2 works within maximum Bluetooth range of 120 meters and can control smart home appliances through the SmartThings app,” Samsung said in the official announcement.

Samsung SmartTag 2 price, release date

Samsung SmartTag 2 will be available globally on October 11 with a price tag of $30. It’s a tiny price to pay for a technology that promises to make your life easier and keep your belongings safe.

In conclusion, the Galaxy SmartTag 2 is a tremendous improvement in the field of tracking tags. Samsung’s latest product makes tracking your belongings more effective and hassle-free, with extended battery life, improved durability, and a slew of new capabilities. Whether you own a Samsung or not, the SmartTag 2 is a useful tool that streamlines your life while keeping your belongings safe and accounted for.

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