Say goodbye to the Apple App Store you once knew!

Say goodbye to the Apple App Store you once knew!

Browsing the Apple App Store can be one of the most stressful things in the world. Fortunately, a new rumor has revealed that Apple are planning to renew the platform and fix the things that bother people the most.

According to Bloomberg, Apple has created a “secret team” that is currently working on a refurbishment for its famous App Store. One of the most significant changes would be to introduce a method that allows companies to pay for their apps to appear higher up on searches – a similar formula to that of a Google search.

This secret team supposedly consists of 100 people, whose objective is to “try to improve the way in which customers browse the App Store.” It is still unclear as to what this would entail, however there’s one thing for certain – it will be the most significant change the store has seen since its early beginnings.

It’s said that this secret project is only in its early stages of development, so it’s probably best not to expect to see anything any time soon!

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