Sea of Thieves reveals details of its tenth season and when it starts

Great news to set sail once again.

Sea of Thieves reveals details of its tenth season and when it starts
Daniel García

Daniel García

Sea of Thieves continues to update its content tirelessly. The game, which was first released in March 2018, is now arriving with a tenth season filled with novelties in all aspects. Starting from October 19th, this tenth season will allow us to create guilds with our friends and fellow adventurers, as well as offering PvE challenges against AI, and many more new features.

The Sea of Thieves community will find highly anticipated additions in this upcoming patch, as many of these new features have been requested by fans for years. With the arrival of this major update, users can enjoy the best Sea of Thieves experience to date.

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Season 10: guilds, PvE, and much more

As confirmed by Sea of Thieves in its official blog, Season 10 of the game will begin on October 19th, and from that date, many surprises will gradually arrive, including the ability to create guilds with a limit of up to 24 members, brand new challenges and trials, and exciting competitive events to win the Siren Song Skull.

On the other hand, for PvE raids, you’ll have to wait a little longer. Sea of Thieves has scheduled these PvE challenges for December, so they won’t be available right from the start of Season 10. However, after all this waiting, many users will be delighted to know that by the end of 2023, they’ll be able to embark on missions to face non-human opponents.

This extensive official video showcases all the new features of Sea of Thieves.

Games as a service and free updates

All of this will be available for free to users who already have the game. Likewise, players with an active Xbox Game Pass subscription also have full access to this game, which will continue to be loaded with updates in the coming months.

This is not the only game that allows access to significant updates without spending money, as it’s a characteristic of games as a service. For example, Fortnite constantly changes the rules of the game with new stories, events, and weapons in each season it releases, and titles like No Man’s Sky have been updating content for years at no cost to expand the player experience.

Daniel García

Daniel García

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