Serious privacy flaws have been detected in the messaging app Nothing Chats

They have been forced to remove the app from the Google Store.

Serious privacy flaws have been detected in the messaging app Nothing Chats
Daniel García

Daniel García

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Nothing Chats, the messaging app that aimed to enhance Android compatibility with iMessage services, isn’t faring as well as expected. In terms of privacy, serious issues have been detected, issues that many other instant messaging services have resolved years ago.

Privacy stands as a fundamental aspect of present-day messaging. As detected in Nothing Chats, this service fails to meet the privacy standards upheld by virtually all major chat services today. Therefore, users should be aware of the risks involved if they opt to use this service regularly.

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Unencrypted messages in Nothing Chats

One of the most notable advancements in privacy in recent years in services like WhatsApp or Telegram was the implementation of end-to-end message encryption. What does that mean? Well, the message you send through one of these systems is encrypted before being sent, preventing interceptions from exposing your messages. This message remains encrypted until it reaches the recipient’s device, meaning the person you intended to send that message to.

The issue with Nothing Chats not encrypting its messages essentially means that anyone with access to your internet network could expose the content of the messages you send through this app’s servers. Additionally, if Nothing Chats were to suffer a cyber attack and information were stolen from its servers, the privacy of your messages would be seriously compromised. Moreover, they also store messages in their database without encryption, essentially leaving a bag of treats in plain sight for any hacker.

Secure messaging in other services

The security of the messages you send will be well protected if you use applications like WhatsApp or Telegram, as they have had these privacy tools active for many years. Nothing Chats will need to solve these serious security issues because its users’ information is completely exposed to any cyber attack. Meanwhile, it’s difficult to recommend a service that jeopardizes the security of its users.

Currently, Nothing has decided to remove the Nothing Chats application from the Play Store, so users who haven’t downloaded it won’t have to worry about accidentally downloading it. Also, if you have the app downloaded, it’s advisable to uninstall it until its security is brought in line with current standards.

Daniel García

Daniel García

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