Six apps to organize tasks more efficiently

Six apps to organize tasks more efficiently

Six apps to organize tasks more efficientlyWe all have a lot of work to do everyday. Some of that work consists of one-off tasks which you do and then immediately forget about and some of recurring events that you need to remember according to different periods of time. Inevitably, there comes a time when you need help organizing all these tasks and making sure you don’t forget any of them.

Just as in many other areas in our life, software can lend you a hand here. There are literally hundreds of apps out there which can help you organize tasks, create to-do lists and manage a personal calendar with reminders, so that you keep track of all your work and don’t miss anything important. I’ve been searching the web and found a few of them, each one with different characteristics, to suit different users and needs.

To-Do Desklist – The basic task app: create a list of tasks and events with diverse priority levels and the program will warn you with sleek desktop reminders on the set date and time.

ErgoNotes – A more advanced organizer that lets you manage tasks and lists in hierarchical trees, includes a calendar and a built-in search tool, and features support for encryption.

ReminderFox – Another way to manage work: this extension for Firefox and Thunderbird will remind you of all date-based tasks and events, without having to use a full calendar app.

ATnotes – A handy app for your pending tasks: create virtual sticky notes with them, with support for reminders and keyboard shortcuts. Oh, and they are fully customizable as well.

Chandler – A powerful task organizer for those who are looking for something else. It lets you share and track notes, manage tasks and events and includes a complete calendar tool.

ThinkingRock – The quintessential organizer, based on the famous GTD methodology. Manage all sorts of tasks, events and appointments effectively and don’t die trying.

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