updated with new photo and sharing features updated with new photo and sharing features

SkyDrive for the web is getting a lot more useful today with a bunch of updates for photos, file management, and sharing.

First up, finally supports RAW camera files so pro photographers can store their unedited photos in the cloud. Along with RAW supports, now supports scaling to different screen resolutions. Microsoft knows there are more and more high resolution displays out there and finally utilizes as many pixels as possible. GIF lovers will also be glad to know that GIFs now animate within


In terms of sharing features, now lets you share groups of files from anywhere on the site. Previously, individual files or entire folders could be shared. This new feature gives users more control over what they want to share. You can still share to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn from the site. There’s also a new Shared view, which shows all of the files you’re sharing or your friends have shared with you, in order of recency.

Lastly, users will no longer be required to sign into SkyDrive in order to edit a shared office document. You can check out all of the new features at the source link below.

Source: Inside SkyDrive

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