Softonic News Roundup: Mozilla blocks Flash, Angry Birds 2, and more Windows 10

Softonic News Roundup: Mozilla blocks Flash, Angry Birds 2, and more Windows 10

The Softonic News Roundup is back once again to catch you up with last week’s tech news.

We start this week with Mozilla’s banishment of Adobe Flash from its Firefox browser. The reason for this is decision is that, despite Flash’s popularity, the program has been connected to many security issues. Mozilla is just the latest company make its opinion of the player known, joining Facebook and Google. Source: The Verge

Last week also saw the announcement of Angry Birds 2, yes 2. Believe it or not, Seasons, Rio, Space, Star Wars, Go, Transformers, Epic, Stella, et al. have not contributed to the franchises number progression. Little is known about the upcoming game, but we shouldn’t have to wait long to find out. Source: Rovio

In Windows 10 news, Microsoft is getting ready for the operating system’s launch in a little over a week. As part of this it has begun to release a series of videos on their blog to show off its benefits. Source: Neowin

Other Windows 10 news has revealed that if you purchase the new OS in a store you will get it on a USB stick. Source: Softpedia

And, finally, more updates on Windows 10’s integration with Xbox One, with conformation that console owners will be able to stream action directly to any Windows 10 devices – a feature now available to all beta testers. Source: The Verge

We will be back next week with more tech news, be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss it.

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