Sony Want to let you Share your Battery Power Wirelessly with Friends

Sony Want to let you Share your Battery Power Wirelessly with Friends

Have you ever been frustratingly low on battery whilst your mate next to you is lording it over you with 60 odd percent? It is lack of foresight, or more often lack of time to charge, that has left me in this dire situation more than once. These types of situation might soon become a thing of the past, however, as Sony have filed a patent that’ll make it possible to charge one phone using power from another. Furthermore, the patent is for transmitting the power wirelessly. You won’t even need a cable to do so.

Patent application US 20170064283 was filed in March and it talks of a method for transferring power wirelessly between two consumer electronics. This means it won’t be limited to phone to phone applications. Theoretically this would enable you charge your phone wirelessly from things like your refrigerator, TV, computer or even your washing machine.

The proposed devices will contain 2 antennas. One will be for data transfer and the other for power, meaning you’ll be able to control the spin cycle from your mobile whilst the washing machine is charging it. For a more detailed explanation of the technology detailed in the patent you should check out this in-depth explainer.

Moving away from Sony, in a clear indication that wireless charging is closer than ever, researchers at Stanford have shown that they’re able to power a led bulb wirelessly even whilst it is moving. This is an incredible development as not only would it mean that you’re mobile electronic devices could charge themselves whilst they’re in your pocket, it also means that future electronic vehicles could charge themselves without ever having stop.

Wireless charging is close then and we’re only just starting to see what is truly possible once we crack it. This is one technology we’ll get a lot more out of than simply not having to look at our smug friend who has power left on his phone when our phone has been dead for ages.

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