Spam, spam, spam, spam and spam

Spam, spam, spam, spam and spam

Spam, spam, spam, spamIt looks as though the venerable British comedy troop, Monty Python, had it right all along. In the ongoing saga of inundated inboxes, an article on CNN reports that going into this holiday season, “9 out of 10 emails are spam”. While this doesn’t come as a surprise to anyone who has recently abandoned yet another email address, what did catch our attention is what they state as the real source of the spam problem: us.

Dave Rand, of Internet security firm Trend Micro states “It will only end when people stop buying diet pills, herbal highs and sexual performance enhancers”. Of course, how silly of us. We just need to stop buying things and then the good upstanding net citizens identified in the article as “200 illegal spam gangs” will stop sending us emails. Unfortunately, we have enough trouble getting legitimate companies to stop sending us unsolicited emails no matter how many times we tell them we don’t want their products.

Spam hillarity ensues after the break.

What is most troubling is that this comment is coming from a company that is supposed to be helping to protect our computers from exactly the kind of viruses that allow these “zombie networks” to opperate with impunity. Please, don’t get us wrong. If you’re running Microsoft Windows these days and your computer is connected 24/7, you need to have some sort of anti-virus software installed if we ever hope to bring the spam to unwanted-emails-from-your-boss ratio down to a reasonable level.


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