Exploring the Multiverse: A Guide to the Spider-Mans in ‘Across the Spider-Verse’

There are almost 300, so be prepared to count.

Exploring the Multiverse: A Guide to the Spider-Mans in ‘Across the Spider-Verse’
Juan Carlos Saloz

Juan Carlos Saloz

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse is premiering this Friday, and its mission is a challenging one: to surpass the tremendous success of Into the Spider-Verse. The animated film became the most acclaimed of 2018 and even won an Oscar in its category. So, five years later, Sony has gone all out to match its groundbreaking offering.


As we have seen in the trailers, Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse will be a much larger film than its predecessor. It will be a major event featuring more versions of Spider-Man, as well as the first part of a two-part movie that will tell a bigger story than what we saw in the first film. But how many Spider-Men appear in the movie and who exactly are they?

How many Spider-Mans appear in the film?

In an interview with Collider, co-director Justin Thompson was asked about how many versions of the superhero will appear on screen. His response was quite straightforward and makes it clear that it will be the ultimate crossover for the character:

“The exact number? Wow, we’re still tallying it up to the end. Honestly, I’ll be honest with you, we just finished the movie, like in the last two weeks, and I don’t think I’ve had time to take a pause and do a final count. But I think the number was around 280 last time I checked.”

Undoubtedly, 280 Spider-Mans is a lot. But will they all have the same weight in the plot? Obviously, it seems that many will only have a brief cameo, although Thompson has also addressed this:

“Just to be clear, that doesn’t mean they’re all specific and unique characters that anyone could recognize, it could also mean variations. But if we’re only talking about specific named characters, then I think there’s probably around 95.”

The Spider-Mans protagonists of Across the Spider-Verse

Now that we know how many there will be, we still need to know which ones we will see in the movie. Well, in the trailers, there are already some background characters that elude us, but so far, the main characters that we will definitely get a glimpse of have been confirmed. Beyond the ones we saw in the previous film, the following will appear:

  • Spider-Man 2099: Also known as Miguel O’Hara, he is a brilliant genetic scientist of Mexican descent who works for a megacorporation called Alchemax. It seems that he will be an opponent of Miles in the film.
  • Spider-Woman: Jessica Drew first appeared in 1977 and is one of the classic versions of the hero. She acquired her powers after being exposed to radiation from an experimental formula of her father’s when she was young, and her powers include venom from a sting.
  • Supaidaman: This extremely rare Spider-Man was born from a collaboration between Toei Animation and Marvel Comics, and is known as the Japanese Spider-Man. He has a giant robot named Leopardon.
  • Spider-Man from Insomniac: The character from the recent video games will also appear in the movie.
  • Spider-Punk: This is the most rebellious Spider-Man, with a punk style and a large mohawk.
  • Scarlet Spider: One of the clones of Spider-Man, with great popularity in the 90s.
  • Spider-Man India: Pavitr Prabhakar is the young Spider-Man from India, a hero who fights crime and corruption in his country.
  • Lady Spider: A young version of the hero who uses technology for her powers.
  • Spider-Man Unlimited: One of the versions of Peter Parker from the animated series with the same title.

Other characters that will have some importance and appear to be more than just a cameo include Spider-Rex, Spider-Ham, Spider-Cat, Spider Monkey, and Spider Byte, as well as Spider-Man Noir and Peni Parker. There’s no doubt that all fans of the hero will delight in all these crazy versions of the character. Additionally, as mentioned by those who have already seen the movie, new surprises keep appearing throughout the entire plot.


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Juan Carlos Saloz

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