Starfield is a hit: surpasses 10 million players in its first days

Success figures reaching for the stars.

Starfield is a hit: surpasses 10 million players in its first days
Daniel García

Daniel García

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Starfield has made a strong impact among players. The game is still in its first month post-launch, as it was released on September 6, but it hasn’t needed more time to flex its muscles. There are already over 10 million players who have taken their first leaps into space and are enjoying the new immersive experience from Bethesda’s title.

This was revealed by the official Starfield Twitter account, which thanks the players for their support as the community has made Bethesda’s new title the developer’s most successful launch game. Achieving that number in just two weeks after its release is a significant milestone for the company.

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Success in sales and on Game Pass

Many times, major Xbox releases are accused of getting high traffic because they are part of Xbox Game Pass from day one, but Starfield has also topped physical sales in recent days, making it clear that it was a highly anticipated release by the community and is being widely enjoyed by both Xbox and PC users.

And it’s not surprising, considering that the game faced various setbacks that significantly delayed its release. There was a lot of anticipation for Bethesda’s new IP, the first entirely new one of this century, and while there are varying opinions, the general impression is that the game meets most of the expectations.

Starfield has managed to prove itself as a fun and appealing game for players.

What’s coming up on the Xbox calendar

There’s no need to look far to find Microsoft’s next exclusive release. On October 10th, we’ll have Forza Motorsport, a new racing simulator where, unlike Forza Horizon 5, we’ll be driving on closed circuits and iconic tracks instead of an open world like the last Playground Games installment.

There are also many exciting day-one releases from third-party developers. For example, on September 20th, Lies of P, the highly anticipated souls-like game featuring a more violent than usual Pinocchio, is already available. Payday 3, the heist simulator, is coming on September 21st, and Atlus’ Persona 5 Tactica, a spin-off, is set to arrive on November 17th.

Daniel García

Daniel García

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