Starfield outpost storage locations and how to use them

Starfield outpost storage locations and how to use them
Onur Demirkol

Onur Demirkol

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In the big world of Starfield, knowing where to set up your outposts is super important. It can feel overwhelming with a whopping 1,000 planets in 100 solar systems. Today, we will show you where to build outposts and also how to use Starfield outpost storage effectively.

How to use Starfield outpost storage

There are several kinds of chests spread over the Starfield map. You could typically open these vaults to grab items like cash and weapons. However, you may also use them to protect your own belongings.

Building several chests in your base is the greatest choice if you need a location to keep all of your belongings. Additionally, you may purchase a larger cargo container for your spaceship, which is always with you. Aluminum and “structural material,” which are rather simple to get in shops or out in the world, are required to create these chests.

There are two options available when building a chest in your base: “storage box” and “storage crate.” Although the package costs less, it can only fit 10 kg of goods. The boxes, on the other hand, cost a little more, but each one can support up to 150 kg. Thus, you may store a massive 1,500 kg of items in a room you create in your base using 10 crates (for 20 metal and 40 construction components).

Unlimited storage

A storage crate and a storage box may be found next to various crafting stations in the Lodge’s basement. These chests are unique since they have an infinite capacity for storage. One of them has more than 2,000 kilograms of cargo in it, and it hasn’t expressed any complaints about being overloaded. They are unrestricted in terms of weight, unlike other chests.

The safe in your room contains a second storage box with infinite space in the Lodge. After finishing the “The Old Neighborhood” quest, you can access it. Simply ask Noel to show you to your room. The safe is located in the room’s opposite corner from the bed.

Where to build outposts in Starfield?

Before you start building your outposts, you need to figure out what resources are available on a planet. It’s like having a treasure map in space! To do this, get close to a planet, open the map, and press the X button (if you’re playing on Xbox) or the R key (for PC players). Let’s move on to where to build outposts in Starfield:

Onur Demirkol

Onur Demirkol

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