Starred messages in WhatsApp: your friends can no longer claim that they forgot something

WhatsApp has launched a new function: starred messages. With this, you can bookmark any message in a conversation so all the participants in the chat can see it at any time. Here’s an end to excuses like “are you sure you said that?”. WhatsApp is now a witness to the fact that you did indeed say that!

How do starred messages work?

Currently, this WhatsApp option is only available in the latest iOS update (you can download it here); Android is expected to get it shortly.

To bookmark, just long press the message and a menu will pop up with different options, including a star. When you click on the star, the message will be starred – simple.

Starred messages appear in a new menu: tap on the sender or group name on the top of the screen (in this example we would tap on the name “Maria”). This will show you different options, including Starred Messages. This new option is a panel where all starred messages appear.

Perfect for forgetful people

Starred messages are ideal for bookmarking those legendary phrases that you often loose on WhatsApp. You can also bookmark photos with this feature. Although, frankly, I think the most useful role will be bookmarking messages that you refuse to repeat again and again. How often have you been asked like 20 times in different groups, with a dozen friends, when and where you are meeting for lunch? You don’t need to constantly repeat the same thing. Just tell your friends to check out the starred messages once in a while.

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