Taylor Swift 1989 Vault Puzzle answers and how to submit them

Taylor Swift 1989 Vault Puzzle answers and how to submit them
Onur Demirkol

Onur Demirkol

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If you’ve found yourself scratching your head while tackling the Taylor Swift 1989 Vault Puzzle, don’t worry because today, we’re here to provide you with all the Taylor Swift 1989 Vault Puzzle answers you need.

This unique puzzle game, created in collaboration between the renowned singer Taylor Swift and Google, has stirred up excitement among fans, offering a glimpse into the bonus songs of “1989 (Taylor’s Version).” To unlock these hidden tracks, fans worldwide must collectively solve a staggering 33 million puzzles, each taking on 89 of them. If you’re feeling stuck and in need of some guidance to crack this enigmatic puzzle, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got you covered with the Taylor Swift 1989 Vault Puzzle answers.

Taylor Swift 1989 Vault Puzzle answers

Now, without further ado, let’s delve into the answers you’ve been eagerly waiting for. But before we get into the specifics, let’s get a better understanding of how to navigate and conquer the Taylor Swift 1989 Vault Puzzle.

  • A Game of Cat and Mouse – love
  • AKA Christmas in September – chai sugar cookies
  • All You Had To Do Was Stay – but not like this, the palm of your hand, you were all I wanted, they paid the price
  • And Somehow That Was Everything – but she found herself
  • Announce – Los Angeles
  • Bad Blood – now we got problems, she wasn’t doing anything
  • Birth Date – December thirteenth
  • Birth Day – Wednesday
  • Blue Sweatshirt – seagulls
  • Caption – got a haircut
  • Coffee – long list of ex-lovers
  • Deepest Fear – sea urchins
  • Excitedly Mingling – secret sessions
  • First Stop – Tokyo
  • Halloween Costume – pegacorn
  • How You Get the Girl – of kisses on cheeks
  • I Know Places – and we run, and everyone was watching, loose lips sink ships
  • I Love You – swifties
  • I Was Born In – nineteen eighty-nine
  • I Wish You Would – elevator buttons, everything and nothing
  • Impossible to Reason With – Sheep
  • Karnma Music Video – MCMLXXXIX
  • Last Stop – Melbourne
  • Likes, Job, Whereabouts Were Studied Intently – taylurking
  • Look At It! – yes whale
  • Loudest and Brightest City – New York City
  • Lucky – thirteen
  • Makes You Clean – rainstorms
  • New Romantics – come along with me
  • Number of Instant Films – sixty five
  • Out of the Woods Intro – she lost him
  • Release – October twenty-seventh
  • Smashing – golf club
  • Sun Sign – Sagittarius
  • They Never Go Out of Style – sunglasses
  • This Love – in silent screams, to what you need, timing is a funny thing
  • This Love (Taylor’s Version) – the summer I turned pretty
  • Track 6 – floor eighteen
  • Welcome to New York – it’s a new soundtrack, it’s been waiting for you, but they never blind me
  • Wildest Dreams – burning it down, he does it so well
  • Wildest Dreams (Taylor’s Version) – glitch
  • Wonderland – we both went mad
  • World Tour Live – Sydney
  • You Are In Love – you’re my best friend
  • Santa Clause emoji – swiftmas
  • Blank Space – and I’ll write your name, pen click, darling I’m a nightmare. magic madness heaven sin, incredible things, she’s like oh my god, so it’s gonna be forever, so hey let’s be friends, crossword puzzle, nice to meet you
  • Clean – I could finally breathe, think I am finally clean, what you are is brave.
  • Out of the Woods – two paper airplanes flying, it all seems so simple, like we stood a chance, you were looking at me.
  • Shake it Off – can’t stop won’t stop moving, I’m just gonna shake, she danced to forget him
  • Style – never go out of style, red lip classic, with some other girl

How to submit Taylor Swift 1989 Vault Puzzle answers

Here is how to submit Taylor Swift 1989 Vault Puzzle answers:

  1. Open your web browser.
  2. Go to Google.
  3. Type Taylor Swift.
  4. Click on the Blue Vault.
  5. Starting solving the puzzle!
Taylor Swift 1989 Vault Puzzle answers

So, there you have it! With these answers and steps, you’re ready to tackle the Taylor Swift 1989 Vault Puzzle and find those hidden songs in “1989 (Taylor’s Version).” Join millions of fans worldwide on this exciting journey and share the joy of solving puzzles with your fellow Swifties. Good luck, and may your puzzle-solving skills lead you to the music you’ve been waiting for!

Onur Demirkol

Onur Demirkol

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