The best email app for Android – Sam’s choice

The best email app for Android – Sam’s choice
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What is the best email client on Android? Although this category has been long dominated by well known clients, independent alternatives have emerged. New apps, full of good ideas, are shaking things up.

If you’re like me, then you want the very best for your Android smartphone. I reviewed the newbies and the most popular email apps to get my hands on the best email app available.

The best app


Of course, no email app is perfect. However MyMail manages to combine innovation, good practical ideas, design, accessibility, and reliability. This app is compatible with most email services (Gmail,, Yahoo !, etc.), it is easy to learn and you can view and respond to your emails with ease.

myMail is well designed and combines business with pleasure by automatically displaying avatars of people or companies that you are writing to. It’s also practical because it makes it easier to organize your messages: with a glance, you can see the author of each message and can choose to mark it as important or throw it in the trash.


MyMail allows you to manage your mailbox with ease

Even better, myMail is based on gestures that allow you to manage your mailbox quickly. While viewing your list of messages, a swipe to the left will bring up a list of buttons showing basic functions (mark as unread, move to trash, report as spam). Within a message, the same gesture allows you to move to the next message.

However, myMail doesn’t stop there. With this app you can disable notifications at set times and even decide which messages can activate them. It’s quite practical if you want to avoid being hassled by unwanted mail from forums or social networks.

Ultimately, myMail’s strength is its clever blend of innovative features and accessibility.

Download myMail

The rising stars

The following email applications stand out thanks to unique design or innovative features. Some of these competitors have great potential and should be watched.

Blue Mail

Blue MailBlue Mail is the best alternative to myMail that’s currently available on Android. Although it’s a little more pro-oriented than myMail, the app excels when it comes to task management. In just a few clicks, you can plan how you organize your most important emails and find the functions you need within menus that are clear and easy to understand. To top it off, Blue Mail is particularly effective in adapting your emails to your smartphone screen so that it’s easier to read.

Download Blue Mail


MailboxThis email app recently acquired by Dropbox, is full of good ideas. The single problem that limits its potential number of users is requiring a Dropbox account. To make things worse, Mailbox is currently only compatible with Gmail and iCloud accounts. All this with an interface that’s slightly too minimalist gives you an email app that has huge potential, but would be a lot better if it was more accessible.

Download Mailbox


Nine is possibly one of the best professional email clients available on Android. It is well-designed, stylish, sturdy, and full of great ideas such as displaying e-mails as chats, or the option to disable notifications at specific times. Unfortunately, this app is not aimed at the general public. Nine is only compatible with Exchange, Microsoft’s email protocol.

Download Nine


CloudMagic compensates for its plainness by focusing on the robustness of its search engine and security. It allows you to lock the application or the email account of your choice with an additional password for greater security. However, CloudMagic is also distinguished by a few innovations to keep an eye on.

For example, the card system displays shortcuts to compatible applications: it’s possible to save an email to Evernote, Pocket, or OneNote in one click. Even better, the application will display information about the email’s sender if it’s publicly available on the web. With a few simple modifications this app could quickly change the game.

Download CloudMagic

All that’s left for you to do is install myMail and enjoy the best email client available for Android. Your smartphone deserves the best after all! And if you prefer to use a different app, please don’t hesitate to share with us by leaving a comment.

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