The best iPod software for Mac

Cyril Roger

The full iPod lineSince the release of the original iPod back in October 2001 the line of portable devices from Apple has extended to the minute iShuffle, the slim Nano and recently the classy iPod Touch. iPods have really changed the world of portable music players and turned them into full fledged multimedia devices. Nowadays you can enjoy your music on the go as much as you can watch movies and video clips or all your recent photos.

Now the best way to upload content onto your iPod is via good ol’ iTunes. However you shouldn’t just stick to Apple’s default application. There are a number of excellent third party programs out there that will help you do much more with your iPod, whether converting videos, syncing your mail or managing your media library. We’ve decided to list up ten of the most useful iPod applications for Mac. If you’re a PC user, make sure to check out our lists of top 5 iPod video converters and top 10 iPod apps.

  • iSquint – Can optimize any video to play seamlessly on your iPod’s smaller screen.
  • iPDA – Use your iPod just like a PDA, syncing emails, calendars, contacts and even RSS feeds from your Mac.
  • MoviePod – Just drag and drop to convert any video to the iPod format.
  • Floola – A good alternative to iTunes to manage all the content in your iPod.
  • DVD2Pod – An easy way of ripping any DVD to play on your iPod.
  • iPod Video Converter – Can quickly convert any audio or video file to the iPod format. Features a good set of default settings.
  • Life2Go – Import documents, RSS feeds and song lyrics to your iPod.
  • ReelBean – A beautiful interface and a handy tool to convert any video format to the iPod friendly MPEG4.
  • Senuti – Search, browse and transfer all your music from your iPod to your iTunes library from a simple interface.
  • Podner – Encode any movie to the iPod friendly MPEG4 format, adjusting the quality and then syncing it to your iPod.
  • YamiPod – A great way to transfer music from your iPod to iTunes. Can even show extended info about your music and easily remove duplicates.

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