The Best of Opera 48 (Day 2): Convert Measurements, Currencies and Time Zones

The Best of Opera 48 (Day 2): Convert Measurements, Currencies and Time Zones

Opera recently released the 48th version of its world-famous web browser for Windows and Mac. This latest update incorporates many new features that will improve your browsing experience, and this week we’re going through some of these highlights. You won’t have seen some of these features in a web browser before. Check them out and then, if you’d like, you can try Opera 48 for free.

Convert Measurements, Currencies, and Time Zones

Is this gadget they’re selling in Hong Kong dollars cheap or expensive? What size shirt should I buy if this measurement chart is in inches and not in centimeters? Will this Russian vendor answer me now if I write to him at 6 o’clock?

If you buy anything on the internet, you’re probably familiar with these kinds of questions. The internet is a global market, so it is very common for us to buy things in a foreign currency, to consult measurements in an unfamiliar system, or to contact someone from a foreign country.

Until now, we had to install widgets or type “convert dollars into euros” into Google to find the answer. But with Opera, this is all history. Opera’s latest browser update includes an intelligent engine that will detect foreign units and convert them into something more familiar.

This GIF shows just how easy it is:

At the time of this writing, this new Opera feature has 16 units of measurement, 14 time zones, and 32 currencies. The measurements and time zones for your region will be detected automatically by Opera. If you want to select a different default currency, simply go to Settings > Browser > User Interface and select one of the currencies in the “In the text to convert currency to” menu.

This is just one of the great new features included in Opera 48. Click here to discover another great improvement: the Snapshot mode.

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