The best photo tools that use AI to restore your photos

Guarda tus fotos antiguas y dales una nueva vida gracias a estas increíbles apps.

The best photo tools that use AI to restore your photos
Pedro Domínguez Rojas

Pedro Domínguez Rojas

Today, September 30th, marks the “Save Your Photos Day,” celebrated worldwide on the last Saturday of September every year. As the name suggests, the day encourages people to save, preserve, and protect their precious photographs.

Despite technological advancements, many people still possess physical photos of themselves, their families, friends, etc., which can degrade over time and even get lost (for instance, my mother lost a photo album with dozens of irreplaceable pictures during a move).

To commemorate this day and encourage you to create a digital backup of your physical photographs, here are the best tools that allow you to scan, enhance, and restore your photos in various ways, harnessing the power of artificial intelligence.


If you’re looking for an app that allows you to easily scan your photos and fully restore them, especially older and faded ones, Photomyne is possibly the most comprehensive option you can find. This excellent app enables you to scan your photos using just your mobile phone’s camera.

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But that’s not all. Photomyne’s AI can automatically enhance your photos, including blurry or damaged ones, and even colorize them using the “Colorize this photo” feature, adding color to black and white or sepia photos.


If you already have scanned copies of your photos and only want to quickly “update” them, Remini is probably the best choice for restoring your photos. Thanks to its artificial intelligence, you can fix damaged photos and adjust color saturation. Additionally, you can compare the original and restored photos using its “before and after” feature.


Using Remini is easy and very intuitive thanks to its simple interface. You just have to download the app, install it, open it, upload the photo you want to restore, tap on “Enhance” to improve/restore it, and then save the image. Before saving, you can review it and use its various functions to make any final adjustments you deem necessary.


When it comes to restoring old photos and making them look like they were taken today, Fotor is possibly the best app you will find. The AI in this photo editing app allows you to easily retouch, enhance, and completely transform your old photos, giving them a finish similar to that of a professional.

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Fotor also allows you to add color to black and white or sepia photos, as well as enhance the color of faded photographs. To do this, simply open the app, select “Photo Enhancer,” import the photo, choose the level of AI enhancement (low or high), click on the “Colorize” function, and save it once everything is done.


Snapseed is another incredible mobile app with which you can easily improve, restore and colorize your old photographs. Although it was originally an exceptional app to improve images with dozens of functions, it now also has the ability to restore photos that are already quite a few years old.


To use Snapseed, simply open the app, import the photo you want to restore, and use the Healing tool, which allows you to repair various imperfections and damages in the scanned photograph, and the Tune Image tool, which helps you enhance contrast, brightness, exposure, and more. You can also use the Details tool to improve the sharpness of the image, and then save it to your device in high resolution.

Pedro Domínguez Rojas

Pedro Domínguez Rojas

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