The best podcast applications and services (2023)

These are the best podcast services you'll find in 2023.

The best podcast applications and services (2023)
Pedro Domínguez Rojas

Pedro Domínguez Rojas

This year, September 30th is quite special. Today is not only Save Your Photos Day, an annual event encouraging users to store and preserve their photographs, but it’s also International Podcast Day, an event celebrated to promote this format that combines traditional radio with the vast possibilities of the internet.

Podcasts come in many different genres and contents, and the best part is that you can enjoy them from anywhere: you can listen while doing your chores, while cooking, in bed before sleep, or even while commuting on public transport.

Do you feel like starting to listen to podcasts? Have you been listening to podcasts for a while and would like to discover something new? Below, we’ve compiled a selection of the best platforms for listening to podcasts in 2023.


Spotify is a platform that allows you to access thousands of podcasts of all kinds, from exclusive originals to new releases and hits. On Spotify, you can stream podcasts or download them to enjoy offline. Additionally, you can interact with podcasts using features like questions and surveys.


Moreover, Spotify provides you with music, radio shows, and personalized recommendations to ensure you never get bored. You can use Spotify for free with ads or subscribe to a Premium plan that suits your needs and budget.

Spotify also offers an app for Apple Watch, allowing you to control playback with Siri and connect to other devices compatible with Spotify Connect.


If in addition to podcasts, you also want to access a huge library of radio shows, audiobooks, conferences and much more, iVoox is the app you need.


With iVoox, you can follow your favorite podcasts, receive notifications, download them automatically, or create your own playlists. You can also listen to live radio, discover new stations by genre, and save your favorites. If you want to speed up and monetize your podcast, iVoox provides you with all the tools to do so.

iVoox gives you access to the largest audio catalog in Spanish, with thousands of options for every taste and topic. And you can listen to any content for free anytime, anywhere, without the need to subscribe to anything.

Apple Podcasts

Apple Podcasts is an app that allows you to discover, follow, and listen to millions of podcasts from around the world. You can also explore new content through expert selections and personalized recommendations.

Apple Podcasts DOWNLOAD

With Apple Podcasts, you can access free programs as well as exclusive content through subscriptions. This way, you can support your favorite creators and enjoy ad-free episodes, early access, and much more.

Additionally, you can use Siri to play any podcast you want with just a request. And the best part is that you can listen to podcasts across all your Apple devices, and even download them for offline listening. Apple Podcasts is essentially the ideal app for Apple fans who love podcasts.

Amazon Music

Amazon Music is an Amazon app that allows you to listen to thousands of popular and exclusive podcasts on various topics, from comedy to business, culture, sports, and more. With your Amazon Prime subscription, you can listen to podcasts on multiple devices, download them for offline listening, and easily follow all your favorite podcasts.

Amazon Music DOWNLOAD

Moreover, you can enjoy over 100 million ad-free songs with Amazon Music Unlimited, the most comprehensive music streaming service in the market. And the best part is, you can make the most out of Amazon Music with the mobile app, which allows you to access all the content from anywhere.

Pedro Domínguez Rojas

Pedro Domínguez Rojas

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