The best software easter eggs of all time

The best software easter eggs of all time

As software bloggers, the only easter eggs the OnSoftware team give out every year are the ones hidden within computer programs. As designated easter bunny for this year I decided I’d dig up some of the hidden treats from the Great Software Easter Egg Hunt of 2008. That was the year I got over eggs-ited about the cool features, games and jokes buried within popular software. Here’s a quick resume of my favorites:

Uncover a Space Monkey in Adobe Photoshop

Instant victory in Windows Solitaire and Minesweeper

Unlock dancing llamas in Winamp

Play pinball in Word

Make Adobe Acrobat bark like a dog

Watch the MS Works developers fly around your screen

Make waves in WinRAR

Play a Star Wars shooter inside Open Office

Easter eggs

If you’re hungry for more, go check out some of the cool Google easter eggs in Mashable’s post, which includes a great one about how to unlock teddy bears and ninjas in Picasa. More goodies can be discovered if you go and read TechCrunch’s software easter egg round-up from last year. If that doesn’t satisfy your craving then pay a visit to the Easter Egg Archive, where you’ll find hundreds of secrets from a wide range of applications. Happy hunting!

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