The best video editing software: compare, download, and enjoy!

Discover the best editing tools to create every kind of video content – from home movies to high-end professional productions in 4K.

Today, almost everyone has a smartphone capable of recording good quality videos instantly. This, combined with the growing popularity of action cameras such as GoPro, means that more and more video content is being captured every day. The sad thing is many videos are just left to sit on people’s phones or in the cloud because they are not good enough to share in their raw form. This is when you need video editing software to trim and tweak your recordings. These range from expensive professional suites with huge learning curves, to small tools that can crop and combine clips. Here you can discover the best app for your video editing needs.

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1. Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe’s Premiere Pro is the video suite for professionals

The tool for professionals

Adobe has set the standard for software across a number of creative fields, and Adobe Premiere Pro is one of it’s flagship programs. Premiere is arguable the best video editor on the market. While all of this makes it sound like it should be everyone’s first choice, this is not necessarily the case. As a pro level tool, it is laced with complexity that people just wanting to crop and chop could easily find baffling. Also its pricing model – which requires a subscription to Adobe’s Creative Cloud – really limits its use among enthusiast editors. It is undoubtedly state-of-the-art, and stuffed with features and tools, but Adobe Premiere Pro is only a tool for professionals


  • Highly professional video editing solution
  • Work natively with a huge number of video formats
  • Sync projects across computers


  • Very complex
  • Only available on Creative Cloud subscription

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2. Final Cut Pro X

An more accessible pro-grade video editor

A simplified tool for professional results

Apple’s pro-grade video editor has been popular among video professionals for years, but it’s latest version Final Cut Pro X the program rebuilt from the bottom-up. This new build is considerably more powerful, while also being slightly more streamlined for new users. This change could frustrate long time fans and professionals who may feel it has been dumbed-down, but for new users it provides easier access to its many tools. This focus on a different level of user is also reflected in a recent update which allows uploads to multiple YouTube accounts at a time – a huge bonus for more active vloggers. Despite being more friendly for beginners, Final Cut Pro X is still a pricey proposition for causal editors who may want to look else where.


  • Rewritten from the bottom up
  • Improved tools for YouTubers interface
  • Very fast


  • Interface may be oversimplified for professionals

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3. Sony Vegas Pro

Sony offers a great range of video editors to build your skills, culminating in Vegas Pro

An editor with other, lower band options, letting you grow as you learn.

Designed for professionals needing to produce high-quality HD videos up to 4K, Sony Vegas Pro is another expensive tool. However, unlike the previous apps on the list, the full range of Sony video editors provides a number of entry level options – such as Movie Studio 13 – allowing you to build your talents and progress through their products as necessary. This Professional version includes features such as support for gigapixel images, multilayer files, and a wider support of capture cards that the lower end versions lack. The Vegas family of products offers a good range of options for every skill level, but Sony Vegas Pro is certainly the jewel in the crown (but it is priced accordingly).


  • Covers all professional needs
  • Support for lots of formats
  • Tons of audio and video effects and filters


  • Complex to begin with
  • Modular workflow compared to Premiere and Final Cut

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4. iMovie

Free, user-friendly tool from Apple to turn your home videos into polished movies

A great free tool for Mac users.

iMovie is Apple video editor to create and edit movies on your Mac. This free tool allows you to import your movies and clips, before offering you simple user friendly ways to cut and paste them together. Its simplicity extends beyond the ability to splice clips together too, providing new comers a selection of simple tools to edit, add soundtracks from iTunes, record voice over, and easily import images and clips from their iPhone. iMovie does lack advanced editing functions but, for most people, it should allow for fantastic results with minimal effort.


  • Simple video editing
  • Lots of templates
  • Integration with iTunes and iPhoto


  • Not all formats supproted
  • Uploading to YouTube is not always smooth

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5. Avidemux

A simple, free, and effective application for PC and Mac

Free cross-format editing tool

If you are looking for a free editor that can apply small cuts, add filters, and utilize multiple formats, Avidemux is a brilliant choice. Supporting AVI, MPEG , MP4, and ASF files in a variety of codecs, you should have no trouble importing videos to edit from a huge variety of sources. If you are feeling a little more technical then you can also automate tasks using its projects, job queues, and powerful scripting capabilities. It’s not perfect, but Avidemux is a great tool for performing basic editing without the hassle of converting formats – and it’s free.


  • Lightweight and simple
  • Handles several different formats


  • May drop frames in certain formats
  • Interface is dated

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