The first ten applications on your PC

install.jpgOk, so you’ve just reinstalled your Windows operating system. Your PC runs as smoothly as ever and now it’s time to reinstall all those apps you use in your daily life. Each one of us has different favorite apps for different tasks and those are the ones that obviously get installed first. But everytime you reinstall from scratch there’s a chance to discover new applications and who knows, maybe that new program you just tested earns a place in your favorites list.

Here’s a list of the first ten applications everyone should install on their brand new – or freshly reinstalled – PC. At least, the ones I would install. Any other essentials we missed?

  1. Firefox, the web browser
  2. Picasa, the photo organizer
  3. WinRAR, the file compressor
  4. iTunes, the music manager
  5. Nero, the CD & DVD recorder
  6. OpenOffice, the open source suite
  7. AVG, the antivirus
  8. PhotoFiltre, the photo editor
  9. Zoom Player, the video player
  10. XP Codec Pack, all the codecs you need
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