The new Shadowban feature is almost live on X

The new Shadowban feature is almost live on X
Onur Demirkol

Onur Demirkol

The social media behemoth X is about to release shadowban previews, a huge upgrade that has been generating ripples online. Thanks to Andrea Conway’s ideas, a crucial member of the X design team, this eagerly awaited feature that was initially promised by none other than Elon Musk is now taking form. By giving users a clearer sense of whether their accounts have been affected by a “shadowban”—a phrase used to characterize the hidden limits put on some accounts—these previews are poised to revolutionize the game.

What is a shadowban?

Let’s first have a basic understanding of what a shadowban is and why it has been a contentious issue before getting into the specifics of X’s shadowban previews. Social networking sites like X use a tactic known as a “shadowban,” sometimes known as a “stealth ban,” to restrict the appearance of specific user accounts and their content. This often occurs as a result of breaking the platform’s regulations, such as publishing offensive materials such as graphic images, violent acts, crude language, pornographic images, or emblems of hatred.

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The consequences of a shadowban are serious. It may substantially limit an account’s reach and discoverability by influencing how it displays in timelines, alerts, trends, and search results. Users may be perplexed and frustrated by this since they may see a sudden decline in interaction and question why their material is no longer reaching their followers. Shadowbans have sparked uncertainty and even conspiracy theories due to a lack of transparency.

Andrea Conway shared the upcoming concept on X

Andrea Conway, an X designer, has provided us with an early glance at what the shadowban previews will look like. These previews are all about filling information gaps and keeping users informed about any account restrictions and the reasons behind them. The major goal is to empower users by offering clear insights into the state of their accounts. Here is what Conway shared:

The sample has two crucial components: a notice inside the notifications tab and an instructive page explaining why some restrictions may be in place. The alert message informs users that their account may include sensitive information and that their postings may include cautions to assist visitors in avoiding sensitive material. It also states that the account’s reach and visibility may be limited in some areas of the platform.

X’s action goes beyond the usual practice of labeling specific tweets for breaches. It offers account-level openness, which aligns with X’s aim to enhancing user experiences and clarifying its policies.

While we wait for the formal debut of this function, Andrea Conway assures users that X will provide additional updates shortly. The next shadowban previews are expected to increase transparency, empower users, and stimulate new debates among the X community. Keep an eye out for updates in the ever-changing world of social media.

Onur Demirkol

Onur Demirkol

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