Behind the Veil of Darkness: A Deep Dive into the Lore of Diablo IV

Diablo IV has a deeper lore than it seems, so that you do not miss anything, we explain all the details of the saga that you should know.

Behind the Veil of Darkness: A Deep Dive into the Lore of Diablo IV
Álvaro Arbonés

Álvaro Arbonés

Diablo IV is a game that promises many hours of accumulating weapons, leveling up and slaughtering enemies and other players, but also continue to develop the complex lore of the saga. This is something that many people may not know, but Diablo has a deep story, which has been developing game by game, and that at this point, has enough details so that it is not easy to summarize with a simple cinematic. Or a mere encyclopedia within the game itself.

That’s why we’re here to summarize all the events leading up to Diablo IV. Everything you need to know to understand its lore without necessarily needing to unravel all the previous installments. Because although it may not seem so, since it can be well understood by itself, Diablo IV winks fondly at fans, rewarding them for having a deeper prior knowledge of the franchise.

The basic premise

Diablo IV takes place in Sanctuary, the fictional world in which all the games of the Diablo saga take place. Fifty years after the events of Diablo III: Reaper of Souls, a group of cultists summon Lilith, daughter and archenemy of Mephisto. Since demonic and angelic forces have been virtually eradicated from Sanctuary, Lilith encounters little opposition to take over the world.

What happened in Diablo III: Reaper of Souls?

To cut a very long story short, the nephalems, a species of mixed demons and angels with human blood to which the player characters belong, put an end to hell’s plans to unleash the seven Great Demons thus demonstrating the superiority of the nephalems over heaven and hell. With one problem: with a human heart, it also means they can be corrupted.

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Who is Lilith and what is her involvement in Diablo’s story?

Lilith is Mephisto’s daughter, but the two are far from having a cordial relationship. Lilith at one point falls in love with the Archangel Inarius, leading to the events of the entire saga. Tired of the Eternal Conflict, the war between heaven and hell, they conspire with other renegade angels and demons to steal a powerful artifact called the World Stone with which they create Sanctuary. Ignoring the war of their species, they live in peace, and from the crossbreeding between angels and demons are born the nephalem, creatures of great power of human appearance, but with powers inherited from both species. Because of her connection with them, Lilith will be known as the mother of the nephalem.

What happened for Lilith to end up being exiled from Sanctuary?

Basically, the existence of the nephalem. Lilith wanted to use them to fight heaven and hell, while Inarius wanted to eliminate them. Finally Inarius banishes Lilith to the abyss for what he believes to be all eternity, while the Council of Angiris, a governing body of the heavens, delivers Inarius to the underworld to be tortured for all eternity in exchange for the safety of Sanctuary.

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How does Lilith return from the abyss?

That is what we will have to discover in Diablo IV. At the moment we have some clues, but nothing for sure, but the story will revolve around it and the decision that the nephilim will take in their fight against heaven and hell. So, to have the rest of the answers, there is only one thing left: roll up our sleeves and play Diablo IV as soon as it is available on June 6.

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