The top five Windows Store exclusive apps

The top five Windows Store exclusive apps

The Windows 10’s Store is not the most fulfilling experience. You can go looking for something you think is quite mundane – like an official Instagram app – and find yourself coming away empty handed. But still, it has its hidden gems, exclusive apps that are only available for Windows – and here are our five favorites.

Artists will struggle to find a more appealing app than Fresh Paint. This drawing tool is filled with nice little touches that allow you to use your device like a real paint palate and easel. This includes the ability to add texture to your digital canvas and to swirl colors together to get the one you want as you would in real life.

The unimaginatively named Drawboard PDF provides everything you need to edit your PDFs. From basic editing tools like highlighters and pens, to the ability to add annotations, notes, and even audio inserts – it puts all you need right at your fingertips.

Toolbox for Windows 8 (and Windows 10) unlocks full multitasking power of Windows. This app integrates a web browser, Facebook, Twitter, a calculator, a currency converter, notifications, a stopwatch, a calendar, and more. It then allows you to place them all however you want them in its single screen interface to make you more efficient than ever (at procrastinating).

Network Speed ​​Test is a tool developed by Microsoft that does exactly what it claims to – instantly testing your download and upload connection times. That is basically it, but it does include some tips you improve your connection if you are having problems, and a feature that measures the quality of your connection on the move – letting you find and solve any black-spots in your home network.

We finish with the music app, Chusix. This fun music creation suite lets you build music from recorded loops and samples until you have your own little symphony. What stands out as particularly fun is the way you can position individual tracks in relation to two speakers, creating amplification and position effects during playback.

That’s our five favorite Windows exclusive apps but, as always, let us know if you think we missed any – and if you know any good alternatives for Android and iOS. See you in seven days, when we will be back with the best music apps.

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