The Walking Dead Season 9: Jon Bernthal spotted on the set

Jon Bernthal’s presence on the set of season nine of “The Walking Dead” has added a bit of mystery…

Filming of season nine of “The Walking Dead” is already underway, and as usual, this means some secrets are leaking about future episodes. Today, we have unexpected news concerning Jon Bernthal on the set. Bernthal played Shane Walsh before, ya know, he got turned into a zombie.

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He even appeared in a Facebook photo with Andrew Lincoln (Rick). And that was enough to start speculation about Shane’s potential return next season. Early theories point to the fact that Jon Bernthal could have simply been visiting, as he is Lincoln’s close friend. Now that we know Lincoln will be leaving the series, it’s conceivable that a number of actors could come back to see him for his final episodes.

Shane Walsh (Jon Bernthal) – The Walking Dead – Season 2, Episode 12 – Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

A flashback of a scene from season one

Others speculate that he’ll appear in season nine of “The Walking Dead” through hallucinations or flashbacks. If Rick Grimes were to die, he might have visions involving old characters, as was the case with Tyreese. Shortly before his death, Rick’s thoughts could turn to Shane, the Governor, or other characters who opposed him.

Although it’s an interesting idea, it implies that Rick would die, something that could harm the popularity of the series. But as we said, Lincoln is leaving the series, so it’s not like Rick will factor in the show much longer. In any case, Jon Bernthal’s presence on the set remains a mystery, and we wouldn’t bet against a little surprise appearance. But we’ll have to wait until October to learn more.

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