This Hip Little Printer will make your Photos Dance

This hip little printer will make your photos dance

Prynt is young Tech startup that offers a mobile printer you can attach to your mobile phone. The original was actually a bit bulky, meaning you wouldn’t really take it everywhere you went, but their newest model has shrunk about half the size and offers another cool new feature.

The Prynt Pocket, Prynt’s newest printer, gives you the chance to attach live videos to the photos that you print so that, when you view them through the Prynt app, they will come to life just like photographs do in Harry Potter.


How cool this new feature is cannot be understated. The desire to print off physical versions of your digital photos has never really gone away. To add something extra to these prints is an exciting way to bring new life to a traditional concept that refuses to die in the modern world.

The Prynt Pocket sells for $149.99 and you can also pick up 40 sheets of Prynt sticker paper for around $20. This means Prynt photos much cheaper than Polaroids, which will set you back about $20 for only 6 prints. The added AR functionality, as well as the new smaller form factor will make the Prynt Pocket an attractive option for anybody looking to actually get their hands on the photos they’ve taken.

Image quality still leaves a little to be desired on the Prynt Pocket but this is something that still isn’t guaranteed on Polaroids either. In fact Polaroids have spawned an entire industry of filter makers trying to recreate the effect of Polaroid film on digital photos.

It remains to be seen whether Prynt will be able to carve out such an iconic place in the marketplace as Polaroid has. With photos coming in cheap and easy, however, and cool extra functionality added to normally static photographs they’re definitely moving in the right direction.



Via: techcrunch

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