This is the most amazing augmented reality experience we’ve ever seen

This is the Most Amazing Augmented Reality Experience We've Ever Seen

It is hard to conceive just how amazing AR is going to be in the future. VR is easier to picture whereas AR is a little bit more challenging to get your head around. Well, Abrishek Singh has come up with a fantastic demo to perfectly illustrate just how incredible Augmented Reality experiences can be if they’re done right.

Singh has taken one of the most iconic virtual worlds ever created and used the Microsoft HoloLens to bring it to the real world. He has augmented the real world with Super Mario Land, and he is literally able to walk right through the virtual world and interact with it.

All of a sudden Super Mario Bros. is a 3D first-person experience, and it is mind-blowing. If Pokémon Go has had its users walking far enough to get to Pluto and back it isn’t hard to see how future AR advances, along with the lines laid out by Singh, will have people getting out more and living healthier lifestyles.

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