Today’s downloads for Windows, Mac and Mobile

Download ACE OnlineWindows: If you’ve always wanted to be a pilot, this is your chance! Download ACE Online and control a futuristic ship in a massive multiplayer space shooter with RPG elements. You’ll have to complete missions and engage in battles against other players, while trying to upgrade and improve your personal skills and your own ship as you progress through the game.

Guide your ball out of the mazeiPhone: There was a time when the pinnacle of home entertainment was guiding a ball out of a wooden maze without it falling down any of the holes. Labyrinth Lite Edition recreates this fascinating challenge on your iPhone and actually proves to be one of the more enjoyable games on the platform. There are ten free courses included in Labyrinth Lite Edition, each offering a unique challenge.

Messenger for Mac logoMac: Say what you want about Microsoft but there’s no denying that Microsoft Live Messenger has been one of the software giant’s huge success stories being used by millions across the globe. This doesn’t make Microsoft Messenger for Mac the best chat client out there, but by virtue of the fact that Hotmail (now Windows Live Mail) was so popular, it took off while other IM clients were struggling to make their way. If you’re a Windows Live Mail user, then get more out of it with Microsoft Messenger for Mac.

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