Today’s downloads for Windows, Mac and Mobile

James Thornton


Sid Meirs CivilizationBlackBerry: Sid Meier’s Civilization is an all-time classic strategy game in which you must build an empire by battling it out with rival armies. The fourth incarnation in the series now hits the BlackBerry, in the shape of Sid Meier’s Civilization IV: War of Two Cities. The aim of the game is to take command of rival cities by wiping out their soldiers, destroying their buildings and pillaging their resources

Download Glary Registry RepairWindows: The Windows Registry is a core component of your system, so you better keep it in perfect shape! With Glary Registry Repair you can easily scan more than a dozen areas in the Registry and repair any problems you may find right on the spot. It’s easy to use, really fast and saves a backup copy of the Registry before changing anything.

wiretap.jpgMac: WireTap Studio is a serious solution to record anything from your Mac. What used to be called WireTap Pro is still as reliable as ever, all in a small interface that lets you record, edit and save your audio in any format. WireTap Studio can capture both software and hardware sounds so long as you select the input source. There are two available in the interface. Just press the recording button to get started.

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