Today’s downloads for Windows, Mac and Mobile.

Download PictomioAfter some time under development, Pictomio has finally launched its first public 1.0 version. Though still in beta, this amazing image viewer has become an impressive manager with features such as 3D models for albums and categories, an album and category sidebar to quickly drop your images, a powerful zoom and the possibility to categorize photos by several topics.

PsiPeople tend to stick to the more known messaging clients when there are so many excellent open source alternatives out there like Psi. This client was built to connect to multiple Jabber accounts and almost all IM accounts. It’s highly customizable, offers SSL encryption and is supported by a strong community of users.

Get PocketMusic in your pocketSince the introduction of the iPhone into popular culture, it seems today that if you haven’t got a decent music player on your mobile, you’re a bit of a dork. ear not though, because with the PocketMusic Player Bundle, you can replace the default Windows Movile audio player with something altogether cooler. The software provides an amazing environment in which to enjoy digital music, with a raft of features, skins and playback controls.

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