Todays downloads for Windows, Mac and Mobile

Download Nexus RadioWindows: If you like listening to music while working with the PC but you’ve grown tired of your MP3 collection, try Nexus Radio instead. This amazing radio player has just released its latest version, 2.2.4, which features more than 7,000 online radio stations in 38 different genres. Nexus Radio is iPhone and iPod compatible and can also record music with just a single click.

CosmoPodMac: Looking to download videos straight from Safari onto your iPod? CosmoPod, a plugin for the Mac browser lets you convert videos into the iPod ready H.264 or MP4 formats in seconds. It includes an embedded player so you can preview your videos to make sure they are of adequate quality before taking them with you on your iPod.

Crunch those numbers on the busSymbian: If you enjoy nothing more than a game of sudoku on the bus to work then get hold of Sensible Sudoku on your mobile phone. The game features a powerful sudoku engine capable of generating billions of puzzles in multiple difficulty levels. Sensible Sudoku includes a pleasant interface, elegant audio and enjoyable gameplay. Download it now for a compelling experience!

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