Tom Hanks releases typewriter iPad app for hipsters with writer’s block

Tom Hanks releases typewriter iPad app for hipsters with writer’s block

Typewriter lover and actor Tom Hanks has released an iPad app that simulates typing on a type writer. The app, called Hanx Writer is free, and is great for basic writing.

The best feature of Hanx Writer is the noise it makes. The sounds of the typewriter hammer falling on paper and the ding it makes at the end of each line are authentic. Even the backspace sound is satisfying.

Hanx Writer virtual keyboard

Beyond the sound, Hanx Writer just can’t capture the feel of typing on a typewriter. One of the joys of typing on a typewriter or a mechanical keyboard is feeling the resistance of the keys. You just can’t get that with a digital screen. Things get a bit better if you use a Bluetooth keyboard like I am.

The app supports exporting your compositions to various app including email, Google Drive, Evernote and Dropbox. Unfortunately, it can only export as PDF. You can print out your writing so it looks like you actually typed it out on a type writer.

Hanx Writer additional type writers to buy

Hanx Writer includes in-app purchases for different typewriters and background colors. Each typewriter also sounds different. There are only two additional typewriters to buy at the writing of this article. Each type writer costs $2.99. You can get both for $4.99 as a bundle.

Hanx Writer may be a bit of a gimmick but if the sounds of a typewriter spark your creativity, it may be worth a download.

Pro tip: use the Coffitivity app (Android | iOS | Mac) to listen to the sounds of a coffee shop while you write. Coffitivity is available as an app or you can use their website.

Source: Hanx Writer (iTunes)

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