Top 10 iPhone Christmas apps

A hotline to Father Christmas on your iPhoneIf you’ve finished trimming the tree, decking the halls and washing your stockings, don’t assume that you’re ready for Christmas. Because, if you haven’t installed any festive applications on your iPhone yet, you’re drastically under-prepared. There are dozens of holiday-themed apps out there that allow you to decorate your Apple device, play yuletide-themed games and even manage your Christmas shopping. Here’s a run-down of our favourite 10, along with links to the program page on the iTunes App Store.

  • Sleeps to Christmas – Check how is left until the fat guy falls down your chimney
  • Christmas Spell Lite – Learn to spell phrases like “Please Mum I’d like a PlayStation 3”
  • Pocket Elf – Monitor all your holiday spending to ensure that no one goes without
  • Fuzzle Christmas – Join the colored baubles to score points!
  • Christmas Candy Recipes – Rustle up some festive treats with these guides
  • Call Santa – Speed dial access to Father Christmas himself. Sort of.
  • MyChristmas – Compendium of classic yuletide games and festive fun
  • Santa Meter – Unique app that lets you create your own naughty and nice lists
  • Quizmas – Find out how much you really know about Christmas
  • Christmas Tree Decorator – A festive virtual tree to light up your iPhone
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