Top 10 Mac tools for writers

Remington typewriterFinally decided to take a crack a that novel you’ve always promised yourself you’d write? Hope you’ve got some goods ideas and a lot of inspiration. That’s really what counts, not the pen or paper you’re going to use. After all, didn’t Jack Kerouac write On the Road on rolls of toilet paper?

Still, if you want to get into a writer’s mood, I can suggest a few tools that you can set up on your Mac. These are all word processors, but tweaked for the needs of writers, each with their own set of special features. Check them out and see if any one of them can spur your inspiration:

  • Nisus Writer Express – A multilingual word processor for those of you courageous enough to write in different languages.
  • Writeroom – No fuss, no distractions, just you and your words.
  • CopyWrite – Create projects for each of the different novels you’re undertaking.
  • Mellel – A word processor for all of you out there writing in Hebrew.
  • Final Draft – Wanna be the next Tarantino? Use this pro solution instead of your mom’s old typewriter to draft up the next Reservoir Dogs.
  • Ulysses – Aimed at creative writers, this word processor has a tabbed interface, notepads, and an advanced search function.
  • Scrivener – Create outlines, jot down notes, and unite all of your story ideas in one simple interface.
  • Schreiberling – A simple word processor, with clear divisions for chapters and works.
  • Journler – Jot down any story idea into this cataloging tool. Can export to pretty much any application on your Mac.
  • Avenir – Manage your creative process with this word processor/idea collector.
  • Nisus Thesaurus – What would life be without a good ol’ thesaurus to keep your writing style fresh?
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