Disclosure: Our team is always looking for things we think our readers will value. We have received compensation for publishing this article.

Top 10 National Geographic documentaries you can watch on Disney+

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Disclosure: Our team is always looking for things we think our readers will value. We have received compensation for publishing this article.

Disney+ is much more than animation, Star Wars and Marvel universe movies. The recently launched streaming platform has an extensive catalog that will delight nature, science and culture fans: a selection of the best National Geographic documentaries.

Right now on Disney+, you can find 14 films, 19 specials and 15 series (some with several seasons) produced by National Geographic. With such a broad catalog, you may not know where to begin, so here are 10 can’t-miss films and documentary series, plus some bonus picks we know you’ll love.

Top 10 National Geographic documentaries you can watch on Disney+

1. Free Solo

In 2017, Alex Honnold took on a major challenge: to climb the El Capitan rock formation in Yosemite National Park, USA alone and unassisted. This spectacular film, winner of the 2019 Oscar for Best Documentary Feature, tells the story of his adventure in vivid detail and with stunning photography.

2. Apollo: Missions to the Moon

On July 16, 1969, the Apollo 11 expedition led by Neil Armstrong landed on the Moon But this achievement wouldn’t have been possible without all the previous work: in total, it took 12 years and 12 manned missions to reach the Moon. This recent documentary narrates the whole process, using previously unreleased archive images and audio to shed light on one of history’s most amazing milestones 50 years later.

3. Jane

The critically acclaimed documentary film about the famous primatologist Jane Goodall. Through a large amount of never-before-seen material, it explores the scientist’s research and relationship with the man who was her husband for a decade, cameraman Hugo Lawick, and with the chimpanzees she has studied for years. A great homage to one of the most important advocates of the conservation movement.

4. Before the Flood

A look at the effects of climate change on our environment and how society can reverse them. Produced by Martin Scorsese and Leonardo Dicaprio. The actor also serves as the unifying thread, interviewing numerous personalities such as Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, Elon Musk and Pope Francis.

5. Into the Okavango

With stunning photography, this documentary reveals one of the most beautiful, but at the same time, unknown places on Earth: the Okavango Delta. In light of the delta’s alarming reduction in recent years, biologist Steve Boyes organizes a four-month expedition through the region to identify the factors that are devastating the area and to determine actions to reverse the situation. A song of hope about humanity’s relationship with the environment.

6. Breaking2

After six months of hard training, three of the world’s best long-distance athletes will compete to set a record: breaking the two-hour barrier for the marathon. To do so, they’ll face a whole series of challenges. Will they achieve it, or is the two-hour mark an impossible dream?

7. The Incredible Dr. Pol

A reality show that follows Dutch-born Dr. Jan Pol, an experienced veterinarian who treats all kinds of farm animals at his clinic in Michigan (USA) with the help of his wife, son and medical team. Excitement and laughter to enjoy over 16 seasons.

8. Brain Games

With seven seasons behind it, this entertaining series playfully explores the parts of the human brain and how they work. Host Jason Silva will challenge us with brain games we can try to solve from the comfort of our home.

9. Hostile Planet

A single-season documentary series set in Earth’s most hostile environments. Discover how the animals that inhabit them have adapted to survive. All the charm of a typical wildlife documentary with the latest sound and image technology.

10. Our Planet

Discover the most incredible places on the planet in this single-season documentary series. From the most exotic jungles to the deepest oceans, this series explores in ultra-HD the most beautiful corners of planet Earth. Narrated by Sir David Attenborough.

BONUS PICK: Check out documentaries produced by Disney

Our selection of films and documentary series includes the best of National Geographic, but did you know Disney produces nature documentaries too?

Under its Disneynature brand, these impressive documentaries will join the collection in April to celebrate Earth Month.

So from April 3, aside from all of the above, we can enjoy the following Disneynature releases:

Documentaries Elephant and Dolphin Reef, narrated by Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, and by actress Natalie Portman, respectively.

Also, following its release in theaters, Penguins will reach Disney+ the same day.

And if you’re curious about how these three documentaries were made, you can also enjoy a making-of for each one, available on Disney+ from April 3.

What are you waiting for? Sign up for Disney+ to enjoy documentaries and all the entertainment features this platform offers.

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