Top 10 Photoshop plug-ins

Top 10 Photoshop plug-ins

fractals.jpgWithout doubt, Photoshop is the greatest image editor to grace the screen and on the surface appears to contain everything you need to create web sites, enhance photos and produce stunning graphic designs. However, the power of Adobe’s flagship app can be boosted even further by installing plug-ins that add extra functionality. It’s this extensibility that has helped to make the program so popular, and some of today’s add-ons are so advanced that they match up to the best stand-alone graphics software.

We’ve rounded up the most popular Photoshop plug-ins on Softonic to bring you an essential list of the tools you need to improve your graphical creations and save you time to boot. If you have a favorite plug-in that you couldn’t survive without then we’d love to hear from you.

1. Genuine Fractals: Increase image sizes without reducing quality

2. AKVIS Chameleon: Create image collages without any fuss

3. FocusFixer: Sharpen even the most blurred images

4. Neat Image: Reduce visible noise in digital photos

5. Background Remover: Extract an object within an image

6. PhotoZoom Professional: Enlarge digital images without distortion

7. PTLens: Correct lens pincushion/barrel distortion, chromatic aberration, and vignetting

8. ColourWorks: Modify colour values within photographs to create original effects

9. Topaz DeJPEG Plug-in: Eliminate imperfections caused by JPEG compression

10. Flood: Add realistic 3D effects to your images

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