Top 5 Battle Royale Games

In the past year or so, Battle Royale games have dominated the gaming industry. Fortnite has become a cultural phenomenon and AAA developers are taking note. Both EA and Activision are incorporating Battle Royale modes in the newest Battlefield and Call of Duty titles.

With Battle Royale, every match is different. Even if you are repeating similar steps when entering into mid-game and end-game. It’s a rinse and repeat process, with tactics being refined during and after every match. There’s nothing more exhilarating than being caught in a firefight and shouting at or with your friends.

All of the games on this list have the same core gameplay mechanics. You spawn at a random point on the map, plummet to the ground to scrounge for supplies, and survive 99 other people trying to kill you as a deadly circle shrinks your map. It’s this new frantic and time-sensitive gameplay that propelled Battle Royale into the public spotlight. Let’s get down to business and talk about the Top Five Battle Royale games available right now.


Riding the wave of Battle Royale modes, H1Z1 has taken the PlayStation 4 by storm. Created by PlayerUnknown and Sony Online Entertainment, H1Z1 was originally released before the massively successful PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds). It hid in the shadows of Steam catalogs as an early access title. H1Z1 is much different than the current flurry of Battle Royale games. While most developers tend to use their art style as a gimmick, H1Z1 graphics are slightly above run-of-the-mill. The lighting can be great at points and the atmospheric effects, such as fog, make for very interesting and heart-racing endgame. But, you’re not coming to H1Z1 for the graphics. You’re joining the community and staying for a long time because of the streamlined gameplay mechanics.


PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG)

The one that started it all. Well, technically Arma kicked off the Battle Royale movement, but PUBG brought it to fame. Launching early 2017, PUBG has reigned supreme over free-to-play titles on Steam, and most recently, mobile phones. In the hierarchy of realistic gameplay, PUBG sits near the top of the pyramid. There are no frills to this game. It plays much like H1Z1, but without the weapon upgrades, poisonous gas, and massive vehicle mayhem during end-game. If you’re looking for a bare-bones Battle Royale, look no further, PUBG delivers in all facets.

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ARMA 3 is the grandfather of all Battle Royale games. The first iteration developed by PlayerUnknown in 2013, Arma 3 is a realistic military simulation set in a fictional warzone where players vie for territorial dominance. Its claim to fame came from community mods and an open-code platform, where players had free reign to alter gameplay as they saw fit. What came from the incessant modding is a game that, on the surface, looks like a standard military simulator. However, take a look under the hood and it is deeply complex, with a different control scheme for all types of vehicles and an adaptive, intelligent player-base. There is a steep learning curve to ARMA, but the reward is countless hours of fresh gameplay.

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Survival Games: Battle Royale

First things first; this is not Minecraft, as the graphic would have you believe. Survival Games takes a different approach to Battle Royale, which is refreshing, to say the least. Its standout feature is the procedurally generated map. Meaning, at the start of each match, the arena will be generated randomly, having few, if any, similarities. If you’re a fan of Minecraft and BR modes, do yourself a favor, and give this game a go. You might be surprised.


Last, but certainly not least, Fortnite. The cultural juggernaut that spawned dance crazes, televised news stories about video-game addiction, and propelled professional streamers to celebrity status. This is the game that all other BR games wish they could hold a candle to. With a massive following of near 3 million players each month, Fortnite is easily the King of Battle Royale. What separates Fortnite from its competitors is its art style key building gameplay mechanic. If you haven’t heard about Fortnite by now, jump in and play a few rounds. But, keep in mind, you might be behind the 8-ball a bit. What was supposed to be a fort building end-game and devolved into a spastic build-off to see who can construct the tallest tower. In more ways than one, it’s lonely at the top.

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