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5 best apps to get organized

Mike Prazenica


School and work are full swing and daily schedules are filled to the brim. Organization during school can sometimes seem like a monumental task when you’re balancing homework and exams with extracurricular activities.  Also, trying to maintain a healthy relationship with friends and loved ones can sometimes be extra difficult if you’re working full time. 

We at Softonic want to help make your calendar crystal clear and set up to live your best life. Whether you’re going to high school, college, or just want to get a better grip on your time management, here are five free apps to get yourself organized.

5 best apps to get organized

Evernote (iOS, Android)

Evernote is perfect for the digital college student. Take notes directly into the app and have them sync to all of your other devices so you can access them anywhere, because everyone knows you’ll be studying wherever you go, right? The base version of Evernote is free to use, sync your notes, photos, and memos for use anytime and anywhere.


Trello (iOS, Android)

The tried and true workhorse for us here at Softonic. Trello keeps us organized and timely with it’s inviting bulletin board-style interface. Trello can be used for personal work or to give structure to a team operation. The app separates projects into specific categories with a simple and easy to use “drag and drop” mechanic. If you have a lot on your plate and identify as a visual worker, get your hands on Trello and make life a little easier.

Google Suite (iOS, Android)

In a world of tech giants, Google is your friend, teacher, and parent. The myriad of apps offered by the monolithic company can help you in every facet for organizing your life. The collection of apps includes Gmail, Google Drive, Google Sites, Calendar, and Hangouts. All serve their respective purpose of keeping your documents, events, and friends in a tidy app that exists strictly for you to benefit from the reduced stress.

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Egenda (iOS, Android)

Perfect for the busy student. Egenda is a stylish tracker for all things homework. Rifle through your syllabus and add all your homework assignments, essays, quizzes, and exams into Egenda. Crumple that antiquated piece of paper into your backpack. Make sure you set reminders. You don’t want to go through all the trouble of inputting crucial information only to miss the due date!

School Planner (iOS, Android)

Gone are the days of printing out your schedule and worrying where you stashed the folded piece of paper. School Planner lets you track nearly everything in your educational career, except for what you’re planning on having for lunch. Record your lectures, track your grades, visualize your schedule and never miss an assignment again. Make sure to impress everyone at school with your new time management skills with the School Planner app.

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Don’t get stressed out

When we’re unorganized, we can get stressed out. Also, working to get ourselves organized is also very stressful. Make sure that you only take on the workload that you can manage. Also, if you’re feeling overwhelmed by anxiety, it might be time to think about downloading an app to help manage it.

Wrapping up

Make sure that you are taking care of yourslef in all facets of your life. Stay happy, stay healthy, and stay organized!

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