Top 5 Firefox add-ons for music lovers

Top 5 Firefox add-ons for music lovers

foxytunes.pngI love reviewing Firefox add-ons; they’re the perfect software – small, fun and useful. I’ve noticed that there are loads of music add-ons out there, and so you don’t have to sift through the silt to get the gold, I’ve done it for you.

For pure listening pleasure, you can’t go wrong with FoxyTunes. No, it’s not new, but there’s a reason why it’s gone the distance – it’s practically perfect. It seamlessly links your music player to Firefox, so you get the best of both programs without even leaving the browser.

If you’re the kind of person who prefers to be surprised, you may well be a fan. If you do use this handy service, then you need to download as soon as you can. This add-on will gives you access to the complete library from within any webpage you’re viewing.

Personally though, I’m a Spotify user, and I know lots of you are too. Spotify Search is the perfect add-on for people like us: if you’re reading about a cool-sounding group online, one click on the Spotify Search icon will allow you to search for and display all of the Spotify results for the artist. In fact, Jon pretty much sums it up in his review – “Spotify Search…should be a no brainer for Spotify users”!

Play Them All is one browser enhancement add-on that has me very excited. This cool little add-on detects all the .MP3 links on any given webpage and converts them into a playlist for you to enjoy. This one looks like it could be a winner for dedicated music fansfirfm.png who spend a lot of time online looking for new music and inspiration.

If you’re a radio fan, you could do worse than checking out radiotic. It’s still in the early stages of development and hasn’t got a vast selection of stations, but it supports quite a few and provides the variety that lots of people who listen to online radio are hoping to find. The developers mention that they are taking user requests, which means even more stations are sure to be added. And who knows, the next one could even be your personal favorite!

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