Top 5 time tracking tools to improve productivity

Top 5 time tracking tools to improve productivity

time tracking tools to improve productivityWorking for an Internet company is great in many aspects: it’s not a high-risk activity (well, except for the odd virus) and as you’re constantly online, you can read and learn about lots of interesting topics on digital newspapers, blogs and more. However, permanent access to the Internet can also be a great source of time-wasting activities: social networks, microblogs, personal email, online games and other similar stuff can drive you away from your tasks to such an extent that you may end up dedicating more time to procrastination than you should.

While taking pauses at work is a healthy habit and can even help you raise your productivity, spending too much time on non work-related activities will surely make you feel bad when you realize, by the end of the day, that you haven’t finished all the work you were supposed to do. So if you want to avoid these situations without giving up on work breaks, use any of the following time tracking tools: they’ve all been specially developed to help you focus on work and devote just the right amount of time to procrastination.

  • MeeTimer – A handy Firefox extension that keeps track of the time you spend on each webpage you visit.
  • RescueTime – Web-based time management tool with very accurate, colorful statistics.
  • TimeTracker – Another Firefox add-on that helps you calculate how much time you spend (or waste) browsing the web.
  • ManicTime – Complete personal time manager that controls where and how you spend your time while sitting in front of the computer.
  • Slife – The most recent addition to our time managers catalogue: track the time you spend on each application and set goals for yourself.
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