Top 5 video editing apps

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Welcome to 5 apps, where this week we are going to bring you the best tools for editing video on the go. These mobile apps will help you build the best movies and montages to show off your special moments to all your friends and family.

We start off with one of the most full featured options, KineMaster (Android). This is an app that, despite its range of options, is nice and intuitive to use. Just add all the images and clips before making any adjustments you want to the volume, color, clip speed, etc. Then just share, and you are done.

Top 5 video editing apps

Adobe Premiere Clip’s (Android|iOS) ties to its desktop big brother make it the app for more professional video creators. It can automatically build a video for you from selected clips and images, or you can put together your own edit using its powerful tools. Once you think you have reached the limits of what the app offers, you can export it to your desktop for further improvements.

Magisto (iOS) makes video creation easy. First you have to feed it your video clips or images, select a soundtrack, and add a title. Then… well that’s it, from there the app does everything for you. Using its visual scanning engine to understand your selections’ it will find the most interesting bits, match them to your music, and make your personal video masterpiece.

Of all this week’s apps, the one that is the most like its desktop version is Pinnacle Studio (iOS). With multiple channels to be filled with videos and images, the ability to make precise cuts, add professional transitions and animated titles, the options to transfer projects to your desktop, and other editing features, this is perhaps the best mobile editing app.

But for all these serious editing apps, we do have one designed to bring a little more daftness to your visual creations – VivaVideo (Android|iOS). This simple app will help you make funny videos with it multiple – easy to use – tools. You can even add stickers, animations, effects, text, sounds, music, transitions, and apply themes to an entire video.

Do you think we missed any great apps for video editing – if so, let us know in the comments. Next week we will be back with the top five Star Wars apps, because we are that excited for The Force Awakens. Be sure to subscribe not to miss that, and we will see you then.

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