Top alternative email clients

Cyril Roger


What does your mailbox look like?Mozilla could soon decide on letting Thunderbird spread its wings and become a fully autonomous project at Mozilla. The general feeling is that Mozilla is too much focused on Firefox, and other projects like SeaMonkey or Thunderbird are not getting enough freedom to prosper on their own.

Thunderbird is a solid alternative to good ol’ Microsoft Outlook but it’s never really had much success, probably due to the rough competition it’s getting from webmail clients. I personally prefer checking my mail directly from Internet, but for those of you who are looking for a desktop mail client, and aren’t convinced by Mozilla’s Thunderbird, here are some alternatives you can set up on your PC:

  • IncrediMail Xe – Probably best for those of you that are really into customizing, IncrediMail Xe lets you add emoticons, create multimedia signatures, add sounds, 3D effects and even create e-cards.
  • Pegasus Mail – A sober yet efficient email client, Pegasus Mail doesn’t have the sexiest of interfaces, but it offers advanced features like Mailmerge, html mail generation or rule-based filtering.
  • The Bat! – This email client was the top alternative to Outlook before Thunderbird came around and to this day still remains one of the best. With its hotkeys, efficient anti-spam and advanced folder organization, this is the perfect email client for busy, productive types.
  • Becky Internet Mail – Create templates, filters and all sorts of mailing lists. Becky supports most protocols and works efficiently. Like Pegasus Mail, it doesn’t have a very attractive interface but it gets the job done really well.
  • PocoMail – With its Focus Box to quickly access your folders and AutoText snippets, PocoMail is a dynamic email client. Just like Thunderbird, you can also read your RSS feeds and Newsgroups straight from the program.

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