Top Franchises We Want to See Return on the Next-Gen Consoles

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PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S are already here. The next generation of consoles has made an impressive debut, surpassing the expectations of Sony and Microsoft with all inventory sold out worldwide. It’s clear that if there’s one thing this grim year has been unable to destroy, it’s the desire to play video games.

As with every generational change, the transition from PS4 and Xbox One to PS5 and Xbox Series X/S will be slow. This is clearly reflected by their launch titles, as the majority of the games available and those to come are crossgen. However, the start of a generation is always magical for gamers, who see in the new consoles the potential for the return of their favorite franchises. In new and improved versions, of course!

In today’s article, we’re going to let our imaginations run wild and fantasize, just for a moment, about the video game franchises we’d like to see on Xbox Series X/S or PlayStation 5. There’s never been a better time to dream about what this new generation of video games might have in store for us.


Let’s start our list with one of PlayStation’s most beloved and prized franchises: Uncharted. The last time we saw Nathan Drake was in 2016, on an adventure that would lead him to search for Henry Avery’s treasure with his brother Sam. Action-packed and full of heart-stopping cinematics, Uncharted 4 became one of the most anticipated games on PS4. However, since then we haven’t heard much from Drake except for the spin-off starring his partner, Chloe Frazer. No PlayStation launch has been without an Uncharted release to make the most of the new console, so why would PS5 be any different? We look forward to Nathan Drake’s return for a new journey, or perhaps to see his daughter Cassie take the reins of this adventure franchise.

Dead Space

Created by Visceral Games, the Dead Space franchise was a big hit with horror game fans. In it we play Isaac Clarke, a systems engineer who will be involved in a real nightmare when answering an emergency call from the USG Ishimura spacecraft. Clearly inspired by Alien, Dead Space managed to terrorize even the bravest of gamers with its grotesque necromorphs. However, after three editions, we lost all contact with Clarke in 2013. Although Visceral Games closed in 2017, we believe that reviving the Dead Space saga would make the most of the next-generation consoles.

Rival Schools

Fans of Capcom’s beat ’em up will surely have fond memories of the Rival Schools franchise. These 3D fighting games featured fun battles between rival schools, where you had to defeat your enemies in three-on-three matches. One of the most entertaining aspects of Rival Schools is that all of its characters were downright memorable. We had the “popular kids” team, the class baddies, the American exchange students, the jocks… even the teachers from one of the high schools! Rival Schools is also memorable because it’s set in the same universe as the Street Fighter series. In fact, you’ll see Sakura at school and even blushing as she chats with her classmates about Ryu. The last time we got to play Rival Schools was in 2000, with the release of Project Justice: Rival Schools 2 for Dreamcast. It’s about time that Capcom brings back this classic!


Suikoden is a name that has earned a place in the hearts of all JRPG lovers. This long-running franchise spans five games and a couple of spin-offs that are considered by many to be the pinnacles of the genre. What always distinguished the Suikoden franchise from other JRPGs is that it dealt with a mature story, far from the clichés of the genre and where one could recruit up to 108 characters for the main character’s troops. Suikoden also included, in addition to the sequences typical of all JRPGs, the ability to manage a camp, city, castle and even a pirate ship as you progressed through the game. It also mixed classic turn-based combat with large-scale combat, naval battles, and one-on-one fighting. The last time we were able to play a Suikoden game was in 2006. We think it’s high time that we enjoyed a new edition!


Banjo-Kazooie was a fun 3D platform saga starring a bear and a bird with a lot of fighting spirit. While at first it might seem like a mere clone of Spyro for Nintendo, Banjo-Kazooie stood out for its vast worlds full of bizarre characters and wacky stories, making it a delight for gamers. The hilarious dynamic between the bear and the bird was frankly difficult to match. Despite its success, the franchise was running out of steam, and the final sequel called Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts was released for Xbox 360. We would love for Microsoft to bring back this magnificent franchise and give it the facelift it deserves for Xbox Series X/S.

Dino Crisis

Shinji Mikami, the creative mind behind the Resident Evil franchise, made the leap from zombies to dinosaurs with the Dino Crisis franchise. In it we met Regina, a formidable heroine who, during a reconnaissance mission on a scientific base, was trapped in an authentic Jurassic hell. While Dino Crisis wasn’t as innovative as Resident Evil, this survival horror game built up a solid base of fans who were thrilled to go up against the title’s velociraptors or even T-Rex. After the remake of Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3, we think it’s reasonable to expect Capcom to revise the three installments of this wonderful franchise.

Legacy of Kain

The Legacy of Kain franchise has always offered a superb mix of action and adventure wrapped in a story that revolves around revenge. In both Blood Omen and Soul Reaver, we had the chance to explore Nosgoth while hunting and capturing those who betrayed us. With several sequels behind them, Kain and Raziel became beloved characters for the gaming community. However, we haven’t heard from these vampires since 2003. We hope that the arrival of this new generation of consoles is our chance to Nosgoth to exact revenge.

The Witcher

Yes, we know that CD Projekt RED just released the extraordinary Cyberpunk 2077. That game is very good, but frankly we miss Geralt and the gang. Although The Witcher 3 brought the sorcerer’s story to an incredible end, we were left wanting more, and frankly, we couldn’t think of better news than the announcement of a fourth installment for PS5 or Xbox Series X/S. Although Geralt’s story is over, Ciri’s could always continue… Don’t you agree?

Alone in the Dark

Four years before Resident Evil coined the term “Survival Horror,” there was Alone in the Dark. This polygonal 3D adventure marked a turning point for video games, terrorizing gamers around the world as they explored the mysterious Derceto mansion. The Alone in the Dark franchise had many sequels, some of them as acclaimed as the great Alone in the Dark 2 and even a reboot of its first installment, but after the lousy Alone in the Dark: Illumination, the franchise died. We believe that this horror franchise deserves another chance, and the launch of the new generation of consoles is the perfect opportunity for a fresh start.

Tomb Raider

We can’t talk about consoles without mentioning the indefatigable Lara Croft. The charismatic adventurer won the hearts of gamers around the world when she debuted on PlayStation, and to this day, you can’t go wrong with Tomb Raider if you’re looking for a good action-adventure game. With 11 games behind her and having saved the world from the Mayan apocalypse, it would be almost sacrilege if Lara didn’t return one more time to thrill us with one of her expeditions. We hope that we’re not wrong and that we soon see her making the most of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.

Bonus pick: PaRappa the Rapper

Everyone loves a good rhythm game so… how about the return of PaRappa the Rapper? The adventures of the flattest rapper in video game history are remembered to this day for their curious graphics and hilarious lyrics (and choreography!). With a sequel behind it and an entertaining spin-off, Um Jammer Lammy, we’d love the chance to enjoy its lively beats once again on the next-gen consoles.

What franchises would you like to see return on the next-gen consoles? Tell us about them in the comments section!

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