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Free online storageYou may not know it – I didn’t myself – but Microsoft features a free online storage service that’s been up and running since August 2007. When it first launched as a beta version, Microsoft Live SkyDrive offered 500MB of online storage, a tiny amount according to today’s standards. But just a few days ago, SkyDrive users saw their online drive upgraded to a far more generous 5GB of free storage that you can use with you Live ID account.

So, what’s the point of subscribing to an online storage service? There may be several reasons: it’s definitely a handy way to share large-sized files with your friends over the Internet; it also comes in very handy for collaborative tasks such as school papers and work team projects; what’s more, you can also use your online drive to store files that you need to access from different computers in different locations; and finally, they’re also useful for backup copies, though I’d advise you to keep those copies on offline support too – just in case.

Besides Microsoft Live SkyDrive, there are other software tools that, working together with online services, offer you free online storage for your files. Check them out:

  • Gspace – a Firefox extension that lets you use your Gmail account mailbox as a free online storage drive.
  • Gmail Drive – this Windows Explorer plug-in creates a virtual folder structure in your Gmail account to use it as an storage service.
  • IDrive – Get 2GB of free online storage with an intuitive interface, very similar to that of Windows Explorer.
  • Omemo – have a universal virtual online drive shared with users from all over the world.
  • VMN Storage – a 1GB free online drive for all your files and backup copies.
  • Mozy Remote Backup – 2GB of free storage space, protected with encryption and with scheduled backups.
  • Wuala – P2P online storage system where you get as much online space as you share from your hard drive.
Elena Santos

Elena Santos

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