Top 5 new functions for Telegram

Top 5 new functions for Telegram
Leri Koen

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Telegram is a popular cloud-based instant messaging service that keeps growing in popularity. In June 2022, the developers released a premium version of the app, which gives the user access to plenty of new features.


Introducing a premium service also acts as an income source to help the developers make even more improvements to the app and give users the best possible experience. What new features can Telegram Premium users look forward to? Let’s have a look.

Why go for Telegram Premium?

Aside from the basic services for all users, including end-to-end encryption, VoIP, file sharing, and other features, the premium version offers many more functions and exclusive content. With Telegram premium, you’ll get ad-free services, an increased file upload limit, and unique badges and app icons. However, these aren’t the only features for premium users to get excited about.

Signing up to become a premium member is also straightforward, and you can do so directly from the app. You simply go to your settings in the app and click on ‘Get Premium’. You simply complete the process by filling in the requested details. Telegram Premium is a paid monthly subscription that includes all the basic Telegram features along with exclusive functions and first access to newly developed features.

5 Best features of Telegram Premium

Let’s look at some of the best new features for Telegram that rolled out for premium members.

Unique stickers

There’s no denying the popularity of emojis and stickers on messaging platforms. Sending a quick thumbs up to acknowledge a message or a heart to show you care can be an efficient and personalized way to communicate. While basic stickers and emojis are available for all users, Telegram premium subscribers will receive exclusive stickers not available on the premium version.

The premium stickers will also be bigger; when they’re sent, the impact will be much larger than the standard stickers. Some of these premium stickers even have full-screen animations to make an even more significant visual impact when used.

Top 5 new functions for Telegram

Animate profile pictures

Are you feeling limited when it comes to setting profile pics? Not anymore! Telegram premium users are no longer limited to setting only a profile image of their face. Now, you can set animated profile images or videos quickly and easily for a more personalized effect.

The app will help you set your new animated or video profile image without needing third-party software. This profile will be visible to anyone using Telegram regardless if it’s the free or premium version. This feature lets you get creative when expressing your personality in your profile.

Top 5 new functions for Telegram

Join requests for public groups

Another new feature on Telegram allows joining requests for public groups. This will make managing the groups much easier for admins. Admins of any public group will receive requests from anyone wanting to join the group. From here, they can decide if the person should be allowed to join the group.

They’ll also be given the opportunity to discuss the rules of the group with the new members before allowing them onto the group. When the admin reaches out, the member will be notified that it’s a group admin, not just an individual. Only group admins will have access to the list of join requests. You can still kick inactive members from Telegram groups.

Top 5 new functions for Telegram

Voice-to-text converter

Being able to send voice messages isn’t exactly a new feature to Telegram or many other messaging apps, for that matter. However, Telegram goes one step further for its premium members with a very useful voice-to-text converter. Just as the name suggests, this tool will enable premium users to convert their Telegram voice notes to text.

This feature is very useful if you don’t have headphones, if you’re in a noisy environment or if you don’t feel like pausing your video to play the voice note. This feature will quickly convert the received voice message into text so that you can read and respond without listening to the voice note. You’ll also be able to rate the transcriptions to help the app improve.

Top 5 new functions for Telegram

Improved Telegram chat management

Managing your chats and messages is an essential part of a messaging app. If it isn’t easy or your options are limited, then struggling to manage your messages and chats can become an annoying chore.

While free users can easily organize chats into folders to make locating and arranging them easier, premium users get even more management features. Premium users will be able to create up to 20 different folders. Premium users will also be able to archive or mute messages from non-contacts.

Top 5 new functions for Telegram
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