Top watermarking tools for PC

StampIf you want to protect a picture or a document online, there’s no better way than adding a watermark, preferably with you or your company’s logo. The trick with watermarks though is creating something discreet, that won’t stand out too much, but at the same time, make sure it is somewhat visible. People with advanced editing skills should be able to make their own sleek looking watermarks with any good image editing software like Adobe Photoshop, but for others we suggest using a watermark creating tool. We’ve rounded up a few for you:

  • uMark Lite – Adds a watermark to one or more photos in a snap.
  • Batch Watermark Creator – Great tool to add a watermark to a set of photos that you plan on publishing online.
  • Watermark Master – The real advantage to this tool is that it can add watermarks not only to images but also to videos. Can create all sorts of watermarks, whether image, audio or video.
  • PhotoWatermark Professional – Advanced editing features to create top quality watermarks for your pictures.
  • Visual Watermark – Create strong, visible watermarks to clearly protect your images.
  • 1-More Watermarker – Simple and easy to use tool to quickly add watermarks to multiple pictures.
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